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Bobcat Attacks Bow Hunter and Hunters Admit to Killing Thousands of Feral Cats — 11 Comments

  1. Packs of trap-savvy coyotes and coy-wolves moved into our town one year. They were attracted to all the cats and the food we left out for our indoor/outdoor cats. Very lucky for us we had some skilled hunters that took care of that problem for us and our cats! Seeing a bunch of torn apart cats every morning was no fun. I bet you’d think very very differently about hunters if they were saving the lives of the animals that you love. Wherever there’s packs of wild dogs attacking cats you can thank hunters from stopping them from killing cats too.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t think differently. The proper answer would be to keep cats inside if the area has predators of if there is the potential for predators attacking cats. By “inside” I don’t necessarily mean inside the home but protected by an enclose which keeps predators out. That would be taking preventative measures rather than violent aggressive measures.

  2. Normally I can find something good in people; this man is an exception to the rule. What’s worse-you won’t find any signs of sympathy or remorse in him.
    Hunters of this species are thriving off their own sick obsessions.
    No doubt he’s taken a redneck wife. She’s waiting for his safe return to skin a cat.

  3. Hunters are insane. Literally, it’s like a piece of their brains are missing. I agree, Michael. I hate hunters. I do believe in karma. Maybe after they die, or in their next life, they will become the hunted. 😱😯

  4. There is a difference between a hunter and an animal killer. Mr Whacky has something whacky about him. Cats are and remain fair game for cat haters. Call’em feral and you can kill at will.
    It wasn’t that many years ago out here a small livestock holder shot the dog that killed everyone of his newborn goats and hung it on the fence. If a picture of that had made the internet there would have been a posse of dog lovers throwing their threats around. But let some guy sit on a chair covered in skinned cats and he’s got followers. I’m not condoning displaying a dog that had to be destroyed just the disparity of reactions that is so common.

    • Thanks ME. There are a lot of people who think that killing feral cats is okay. The trouble is that at a distance you never know for sure if a cat is feral which is why the law protects all cats. Only in rare exceptions – on my research – is it legal to shot to kill feral cats. Of course people get away with it because of poor enforcement.

      • I know a lot of people hate hunting and hunters period. I have lived in numerous areas where the deer populations had them at starvation level. Most hunters I know hunt to fill the freezer. Some keep the trophy and mount the head on the wall, many have the hides tanned and something made from them.
        We do not have to hunt for fur. Real fur is no warmer and is a pain to care for.
        People who shoot cats on sight are just killing because they can and justifying by saying the cat shouldn’t have been loose. I thought it was a feral dog is never going to fly and neither should this crap. The AAFP strongly recommends that stray, shelter and feral cats be euthanized by the same standards used for our beloved pets. The only way to know for sure a cat is feral is for it to be evaluated.

  5. What a real winner. People like that give real hunters a very bad name.

    Shame on the cat hunters too. Those are some sick SOBs.

  6. The man in the video is an IDIOT. The only thing he is interested in is the sound of his own voice. NOTHING he said is truthful. The birds came because of the wounded animal sound of the call. Hawks don’t need to wait for bobcats and foxes in order to eat. They are very skilled hunters on their own.

    If he were the “Great Hunter” he envisions himself to be, then the bobcat would have died instantly rather than flailing around.

    Real hunters take care to make quick kills and NEVER brag about the act. A real hunter has respect for life and only hunts for food or protection.

    Anyone who follows this POS is a moron.

    Poor cat. I have no respect for posers.

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