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Bobcat Fever — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve never heard of this before now and have never encountered it. I had no idea that it was indigenous to bobcats that I love so much.
    What happens if the tick that falls off the bobcat and is picked up by a cat is, subsequently, attached to a human?
    I had ticks many times as a kid.

  2. My cat had this before we knew what it was called and we were lucky enough to have a vet “fresh” out of school who knew about this. The cat was still a kitten when everything turned yellow, eyes, throw-up, was lethargic and we almost lost him. We are here in East Tennessee! He was put on IV’s and meds for a week in the vet hospital, locally. But he survived this scary disease because there are apparently 2 kinds, one gets in the blood immediately, and the other, if caught in time, can be beaten.

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