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Bobcat May Have Been A Pet of Native Americans 2,000 years ago — 4 Comments

  1. This is very touching. I’m not surprised that native Americans embraced the cat as a lovable companion – they are known to revere nature above all. I have to say though that my impression of what we know (or don’t know) about cats (that I’ve read the past 40 years) is the result of scant research, lazy assumptions and kind of a bias toward dogs. This is more proof of that.

    • Agreed. There is a general bias against the cat probably because humans like a companion animal to be needy and look up to the them (the dog) because of human insecurities while the cat has his own mind and is still only half domesticated.

    • It is an amazing thought to think of America 2,000 years ago and this bobcat being loved as a cherished cat companion by Native Americans. If that is true it paints a different picture to one that we are familiar with. It sort of changes the dynamics of wild cat domestication. America is the biggest country for domestic cats but have been left out of ancient cat history. This may change things.

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