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“Bobcat photos from my parents’ yard” — 5 Comments

  1. How beautiful is that bobcat 🙂

    Those photos are lovely and made my day. To see the bobcat relaxing in the garden and not being harrassed by anyone is such a refreshing change from seeing trophy hunters bragging about their latest kill.

    As we encroach further into their natural habitat, we humans must find a way to live in harmony with our wildlife. I’ve seen documentaries of cities in India where they manage to do this successfully with tigers and leopards. (The programme suggested it’s when leopards are relocated from their city territories to more remote areas, that the problems occur with attacks on humans.)

      • It’s a real privilege to get a glimpse of a wild cat simply enjoying a sunny day in the garden.

        How can some of us gaze in wonder at these animals, while others’ first instinct is to reach for their rifle?

        • How indeed can some people like the woman who posted the photos of Twitter be kind and gentle towards bobcats and appreciate them while others have one thing in mind: how to kill them. It is just mad to me.

          It is a privilege to see a bobcat in the garden. I’d love it.

  2. My very favorite cat ever.
    Good on these people. He/she looks so relaxed and feeling safe. Not an easy accomplishment. They must just let be.
    This Canadian bobcat looks different from our Florida bobcat. But, a gorgeous cat nonetheless.

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