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Bobcat snatches shark out of the ocean — 10 Comments

  1. You have something there DE ! it very well could be a cross with a wild cat [Puma]. amazing observation on your part. He is the largest Bobcat I have ever seen too. Thanks for your comments. Eva

    • Look at his musculature Eva and his ears which aren’t typically bobcat but puma.
      His image excites me.
      Thanks for your observance too, Eva.
      I think that he is mostly puma that may have some bobcat in the mix.
      What do you think?

  2. Thanks Michael and DEE. You both bring up the fact that his food source may be compromised in that it’s odd for him to be hunting on the beach.
    He also appears to have an open wound on his back right hindquarters? He should be followed and checked out by the proper authorities who rescue wild animals[ not kill them].

    • Wow, Eva. I hadn’t noted something going on with his “thigh” area. Doesn’t look too bad though.
      As much as I would wish, no authority will care enough to check out his wound.
      But, I’m still amazed by his size. Never, ever have seen a bobcat that big.
      Could he be a cross with a puma? Maybe Michael cam answer.

  3. Amazing!
    I agree with Eva; that bobcat is the largest that I’ve ever seen in Florida.
    But, all Floridians have become aware that sharks are coming further and further closer to shore here for some reason.
    The shark must have been in shallow water, making it pretty easy for the cat to get.
    But, another intriguing thing, is why a bobcat would be at the ocean. I’ve never seen one near any beach.

    • What you say about being near the beach squares up with the bobcat’s diet: no fish. He should not be there. Perhaps there is a shortage of prey in the usual places. Perhaps the wildlife authorities should investigate.

  4. Cool shot. This is a large Bobcat and my guess is he was very hungry and had been watching the waters edge for a long time. Nothing was going to stop him from his intended prey.Good Kitty.

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