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Bombay Cat Facts For Kids — 4 Comments

  1. Michael,thanks for the simple and excellent breeding history of the “BOMBAY CAT” named after my city in India.Its a beautiful jet black cat and is difficult to breed, having a few hereditary breeding problems, hence rare and costly.Bizarrely, the breeding of the cat has no connection to Bombay now named Mumbai and i wonder the reasons for breeder Nikki.Horner naming her new breed cat as “Bombay Cat”.Could be that she had visited Bombay and its Borivili national park which is the only park in the World confined within a city to have wild leopards.That must have given her the idea to name the cat “BOMBAY CAT” as that was the name of the city during that era of time.Now i am only hoping that we Indians establish our own cat club and conduct “Cat shows” in affiliation with either “T.I.C.A” or “C.F.A”.

    • I think you are correct about the naming. Also the name “Bombay” is a famous and nice name. “Bombay” has worldwide connotations. It means “exotic” and a different far off place to people in the West I suspect. And, yes, India is absolutely ready for its own cat clubs and cat fancy. Properly managed so people really do have the best purebred cats.

  2. I always used to think that if I ever was to get a purebred cat it would be a Bombay. I like black cats very much and always liked the sound of these cats. My black cat Lilly is lovely. I like the way black cats look and although its individual I happen to have liked the characters of the black cats I have met. I find them to be outgoing and curious and very agile and fit. Of course that could be just by chance. Elisa once wrote an article about black cats potentially being more healthy which I thought was interesting and fits in to my experience of black cats. Of course black moggies are not by any means Bombay cats but they look similar 🙂

    • I was with Helmi when she photographed the cats in the two larger pictures in the collage. These purebred black cats have shiny slick black fur. It is amazing to see but I don’t like the overly round face and big eyes. Breeders like to have big copper orbs of eyes peeking out of the shiny black fur. It looks a bit extreme to me. But, yes, black cats are meant to be healthier and it is said that when wild cats are black (melanistic) rather than their usual color the genetic mutation is for health reasons. If that is true they will all be black one day. Unless they are all extinct instead.

      Here is a picture I took of Helmi photographing the Bombay against the purple background:

      Helmi Flick photographing a Bombay cat at a cat show

      The cat’s name is Kaliente.

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