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Book Review of Tom Cox’s The Good, The Bad and The Furry — 10 Comments

  1. I have not the read the book. I get the impression that it is a story with a message. I am better at reading instructional books – encyclopaedias that sort of thing. I am not good at reading novels. It does sound like an excellent cat book, though. Thanks a lot for the review, Ruth.

    • I think you would like this book, Michael, because it is non-fiction and deals with so many of the same issues we raise here at PoC. It is also very well written and funny besides.

    • Instructionals? Encyclopedias?
      Really, Michael?
      You crack me up!
      You just can’t shake off that “stuffed shirt old fart” image you keep putting out here!
      Not an insult; just my thoughts.
      To me, you don’t fit that description at all.
      You’re intelligent, vibrant, imaginative, and progressive.

  2. It does sound a very good book but I haven’t read it because I always worry that books about cats will have sad parts in. I love reading, but if I start even an ordinary novel and someone ill treats a cat or a cat dies in it, no matter how good the story is I can’t read any more.
    It could be because I’ve seen so much in real life but maybe I will read this book Ruth as you recommend it so highly.

    • He tempers the sad parts with such humor that you will still like it. No cats are mistreated. One cat does die, but from old age, and isn’t one of those listed above.

  3. I think I would really like this book. I checked Barnes&Noble and they don’t have it.
    I haven’t had a chance to check out Amazon or others yet, but I will.

    • You can’t buy it off the shelf in the US. The only place you can get it is Amazon. They will ship it to you from the UK and they do the conversion from pounds to dollars to you. It takes awhile to get here. My Christmas present was a couple of days late. I don’t care. At least I got it! That was driving me crazy when there was no way to get it here, but I kept reading about The Bear on Facebook and just wanting to read a whole book about him.

  4. Oh, Ruth, you are wonderful! I truly enjoyed this(as I do every little morsel that you write!) I have not purchased a new book in years, which is about to change. This sounds like a pure pleasure to read. As for Monty, well, what can I say. You sure know how to choose’em. How did Monty come to have his name, again? Please refresh my memory. 🙂 FWIW, I’ve been wishing that I could hear you sing that Moggie Fa-la-la song–it’s been on my mind!

    • Thanks, Caroline!
      My sister named Monty since I am absolutely terrible at naming felines. She, on the other hand, is quite good at it, perhaps through practice. She names her automobiles. Her college junker was named Suzy. Her current car is Venus, I think. She even names appliances. I just read on her Facebook page that “Jessica” stopped working. That’s her clothes dryer.

      So I had this little black kitten made comfortable in a box in my front room and I pondered the problem of what to name him and came up with Snowball, since he’s all black it would be like an opposite of what you would expect thing. Dreadful.

      It was a nice day, Snowball seemed content in his box, so I went hiking. I was walking on a sandy path not far from the shores of Pike Lake, talking to my sister (at work) on the phone telling her to come into my apartment when she got home and check out the newest addition to our family. “I don’t know what to name him though.” Immediately, without even a pause to think it over, without having met him, she said, “Why don’t you call him Monty?” Of course it was perfect.

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