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Book Review “The Cat Who” Books by Lillian Jackson Braun — 20 Comments

  1. For Brits, you can buy one or two of her books on Amazon.co.uk. A reviewer called one a “gentle whodunnit”. The Kindle Price: £4.53 includes VAT. Cheap. This is for:

    The Cat Who Went Up the Creek (Jim Qwilleran Feline Whodunnit)

  2. We have our very own PoC book reviewer!
    Ruth I love your articles about books, you make me want to read them and I don’t really like reading animal books any more but I just have to put these on my wanted list 🙂

      • Sorry, Michael, I forgot all about making an avatar. I was busy all day, for the second day in row, working on lesson plans for the school where I teach music. I was scheduled to work as a physical therapist assistant today at a nursing home, but their caseload is down, so they won’t need me. I have to do some planning and practicing for my adult choir before rehearsal tonight, but I will make time to do my avatar.

          • Would the picture I’m using for my profile pic on Facebook work? It’s that one of Monty sitting out on my back porch, but I was able to crop it so it’s just him. But maybe I have something in my photo library that would work better. I’ll see how it goes, and I’ll let you know if I can’t figure it out. It’s below zero again out there, so I won’t be distracted by wanting to do things outside. Poor Monty just had to try to go out last night. He lasted about twenty seconds before he realized the cold was hurting his feet. He came back in doing this annoyed grunting meow and then looked at me like it’s my fault. I know how he feels though. I haven’t been out except to take out the trash in two days.

    • I think you would enjoy these, Ruth. I don’t know if you’d be able to buy them right off the shelf in Europe or not. You might have to order them from Amazon. I figured since they’ve been around since the 1960’s (some of them) and were quite popular, it would be possible to get them almost anywhere.

      • We may even be able to borrow them from our local library, if we ask for a book they try to find it for us and only charge 35p for a 3 week loan. Or for free if it’s already in stock.
        Annie Bruce sent me 3 signed copies of her ‘Cat Be Good’ for the 3 libraries in our area, I often look and see how many times they have been borrowed and it’s a very popular book. She also sent a signed copy each for Babz and me, we treasure them.
        It sounds extremely cold there Ruth, we are lucky so far with our winter in the North, the sun is even shining today!

        • I hope you are able to find them at your library, Ruth. Your library sounds wonderful!
          We got down to about fifteen degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) and that’s without windchill. The wind was really blowing too, making it just about unbearable out there– the kind of cold that actually hurts. The Cat Who books are set in this area, with the later books taking place in what we would call “way up north” to distinguish it from the “up north” that just means “a place you have to drive awhile to get to that’s not in the city.” The residents of Moose County get completely snowed in every winter. More fun to read about the cold and snow than to experience it. I’m starting to feel bad for indoor only cats. Monty and I are both missing our outside time.

    • Monty doesn’t knead much, Caroline. He just stands on my head in the middle of the night if he needs something, ha, ha.

      I think Lillian Jackson Braun came up with a great formula for generating an endless stream of intriguing titles. Too bad they had to end. I read her last Cat Who book and waited and waited for the next book to be on the shelves, but nothing. Finally, I looked her up online and found out she was in her nineties. She kept writing these books right into her nineties. I wish she could have lived to be 105 and just kept right on writing until the end. Ninety seven just seems way too soon for her to go, even though that is a remarkably long life. Without her the world of Moose County 400 miles north of everywhere and Qwilleran, Koko and Yum-Yum is put on pause with no one to press the play button.

  3. omgoodness, Marc beat me to it. I was just about to put it in quotes: “The Cat Who Only Matters.” lol
    🙂 It is a wonderful tribute, Ruth(Monty’sCat)!

  4. ” Monty (who says he is the only Cat Who matters, so stop typing and pay attention to him already!)”

    Lolol – this really made me laugh. But thanks for telling us about these books Ruth – I will look out for them so next time I am on a plane or somewhere I would typically read a book – I’ll have one ready. I love books like that. They sound like nice books. I’m sure it’s sad when you get to the end of one and the story has to end.

    • Reading the Cat Who books helps to relieve stress, I think, especially the later books where Qwilleran lives in Moose County. You can read the books in any order. I did. The first one I read was “The Cat Who Tailed a Thief” and after that it was just whatever one I could find on the shelf at the bookstore, until finally I’d read them all and would wait eagerly for a new one. Finding the next book on the shelf was like Christmas morning every time. Most of my Cat Who books are hardcover, because I couldn’t wait for it to come out in paperback.

      • Monty, the reluctant model 😉 See his right ear pricked up listening to something stage right….Exit. He looks great though. The spitting image of Charlie.

        I’ll have a look at Amazon.co.uk. to see if I can buy one for Kindle. Thanks, Ruth, for being PoC book reviewer.

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