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Boosting a Cat’s Immune System Naturally — 10 Comments

  1. Hi,
    We will be adopting a kitten within the next few months, in which we would like your feed back on TF feline complete. This product I believe is sold by Ramaekers Nutrition in California. I thought it is under Complete & Immune Support Plus instead of TF Feline Complete. Which is the better 7 safe one for kiitens immune system? Do you know of a product that will support the kitten,s organs being damaged by the vacinations that the kiiten’s are given? Thank you very much.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Robert Armen

    • Robert, I don’t know this product sadly. I wish I did and I wish I could help you. I can see that you are concerned about the vaccinations that a kitten has to undergo and I can understand that. I think a vet would not recommend any special foods but instead recommend the best quality wet food for kittens that you can buy. It seems to me that tansfer factors are not main stream enough to be recommended. But if you are keen to use it you might telephone your veterinarian for a quick phone consult. Some veterinarians that practice holistic and homeopathic medicine recommend treatment by transfer factors. It is a proactive measure. For example Rob Robertson, M.D. says that almost all pet illness can be referred back to a failure of some sort of the immune system. So boosting it and making it more effective can help prevent disease. Another example is provided by Dr. Falconer DVM in response to a question about treating bone cancer in pets. He recommends the transfer factors product used for humans at 2 capsules a day as part of the treatment (src: Shirley’s Wellness Cafe). Good luck.

  2. I’ve used NCTT (Non-contact Therapeutic touch)at times for pain and anxiety.
    I used it a whole lot when my old dog suffered from hip dysplasia, and it worked well. The palms of my hand are red hot and emit a lot of heat, so I never had to touch his sore areas at all.

    • You must be a natural healer Dee! I only did Reiki level one as my Reiki Master died 🙁 but I still feel heat in the palms of my hands when trying to pass some healing on to Babz or our cats.

  3. I daily massage my LAILA and 50/50 kittens with soft light warm hands. I let them PLAY with each other with a three hours break and for a full hour. I watch them, smile, laugh and then pick them for treats and massage them, let them drink milk and water, what they like. But always have a lioness eye on them.

    You are right very right Michael, best article for me, thanks <3

    • Just your gentle presence and warm touch I am sure boosts their immune system and helps to keep them stronger. These natural things which happen in the background are important for cat health.

      • What I’m using right now is called Forti-flora. Amazon sells it.
        For a long time, I had been wanting to try probiotics with one particular cat with chronic digestive and bowel issues but never got around to comparing some.
        But, a very dear friend of mine (Dw) had been using Forti-flora and had a box sent to me recently.
        I have seen some pretty good results with this cat and am using it with some others now.
        I’m hooked.
        By the way, also, they love it.

  4. Interesting article. My cat Sophie has eosinophilic granuloma complex. Fortunately her only symptom is a small white patch on the roof of her mouth, which hasn’t affected her ability to eat. However it does worry me that should the condition flare-up then steroids are the standard approach.

    I wholly agree with your comment about the negative impact stress has upon our health, which I why I’m try to keep Sophie’s stress levels to a minimum where possible.

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