Bored during coronavirus lockdown? Torment yourself by searching for the cat in this picture

This is one of those silly puzzles where you search for a cat hidden within a picture. They circulate on the Internet from time to time. This one is particularly baffling so like other websites I have to give you a hint – below the picture just in case you can see it unaided.

Spot the Cat
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Spot the Cat

The cat is in outline so you won’t see eyes and mouth and other features except you will see in outline the cat’s ears. If you turn the picture through 90° clockwise and look below the woman’s head when the picture is in that position you may be able to recognise the cat!

I couldn’t find it until I took the hint although I did notice one interesting aspect of the picture which led me to the correc area of the picture but I couldn’t make the conversion to spotting the cat. If you look at the woman’s left ear you will see that it is not in the shape of an ear at all. This is probably a visual clue because the cat is to the right of that part of the picture if you look at the picture as presented on this page and not turned through 90° clockwise.

I’d rather not point it out with an arrow or circle because that removes the point of the exercise. Good luck.

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