Borrowing someone’s (anyone’s) cat for a child’s party. A good or bad idea?

“WANTED: to borrow an orange cat”. An imaginative and keen Oklahoma, USA mother wanted to get hold of a ginger cat for her children’s party (lasagne dinner). The idea was to get in a live Garfield, the famous cat cartoon character to liven it up.

Advert for ginger cat for kids party
Advert for ginger cat for kids party
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The idea is quite nice but – and I don’t want to be too serious or overly analytical and critical – it ain’t practical unless the cat is known to the borrowing family and/or very laid back and even then I’d have doubts.

You are likely to generate a problem if the request is satisfied. You’ll have a strange cat in a strange environment with two kids, both at a age where there can be problems interacting with a cat, hoping that things work out. There is a very good chance that it wouldn’t work out.

The important aspect of this proposition is how the cat will feel. You’re going to place a strange cat in a strange home with noisy kids for 2 days. Hell….it’s a recipe for disaster unless you’re lucky. The cat would normally feel anxious and not friendly under these circumstances and therefore of no use to the person advertising.

Even a resident cat might struggle to get along at a party.

As I said I don’t want to be too critical. I just don’t see it as a good idea from the cat’s standpoint. It is an idea born out of a lack of knowledge about cat behaviour and emotions. Perhaps I am being too negative. For the right cat it might work. It will depend on the cat. And I’d doubt it a cat owner would entertain the idea. I certainly would not lend my cat to a stranger for a party. The potential dangers are too high.

The cat might escape the home and run. Then what? I seems impractical although I understand where the idea comes from.

4 thoughts on “Borrowing someone’s (anyone’s) cat for a child’s party. A good or bad idea?”

  1. Asking to borrow someone’s cat for a children’s party shouldn’t even be a question on anyone’s mind.
    Cats aren’t for displaying, costuming, or being possibly cuddled by strange 2-4 year olds.
    They’re not even close to being borrowing items like garments or pens.
    Regardless, there are so many liability issue that I lose count. What if the cat hasn’t been rabies vaccinated? What if the cat scratches or bites a child (most cats aren’t safe around that age group without close and constant supervision)? What if the cat escapes from the house and is hit by a car?

    This thinking is strange and the answer is, “NO!” even if an explicit contract is draw up.

    • Dee, I don’t know why your comment was held for moderation. I will investigate the software. Your comments should publish immediately.

  2. Overall I think this idea is beyond idiotic, for loss of a better word. Obviously cats are not props or party accoutrements. This concept reminds me of other practices such as “swimming with a tiger” which I feel are cruel and inhumane. “Borrowing” an animal for use in this way is just wrong. It could also lead to children growing up to view animals as objects, rather than learning to respect them as sentient beings. 😠💜💜🐾


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