Boss tells nightshift worker to stop feeding a vulnerable stray kitten so he did something better

Brandon Lesky is a nightshift worker at a news station. A mother and her two kittens turned up in the parking lot outside his workplace. One day they disappeared but one of the kittens stayed behind. She looked awfully lonely at the perimeter of the parking lot, sitting against the fence. Surely she would die unless she was helped.

Momo living in parking lot
Momo living in parking lot. Photo: Brandon Lesky
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Many of Brandon’s work colleagues felt bad about her and they started to leave food out including Brandon himself. Of course she welcomed the food but was careful to keep a distance from Brandon. She was, after all, a feral cat and fearful of humans.

As time went on Brandon and his little kitten formed a friendship and she’d follow him around when he went outside into the parking lot during his break. She would keep a distance and not let him pet her.

Brandon’s boss eventually told Brandon and his work colleagues that they must stop feeding the kitten because she was a health hazard. They were all prohibited from feeding her. The boss suggested that if they wanted to be involved they should capture and take her home.

Momo captured
Momo captured. Photo: Brandon Lesky

This was the catalyst which motivated Brandon to take that big step in adopting because he had thought about adopting a kitten for some time. They had bonded and he decided that this was the moment. He bought a trap and was successful in catching his kitten and taking her home.

Momo in her new home
Momo in her new home. They have a dog which must have complicated things. Photo: Brandon Lesky

He named her Momo. As expected Momo was very frightened living in her new home. She hid a lot and hissed at Brandon and his roommate. There is only one thing to do under these circumstances and that is to be very patient and let the new arrival acclimatise herself to her new surroundings at her speed. This is what they did. Brandon or his roommate appear to have a dog as well (see picture) which would have complicated matters.

Brandon thought that Momo might have had a bad experience with a human at some time in her upbringing but he doesn’t know for sure. He just knew that she was very frightened but that is to be expected.

Momo growing up and settled in
Momo growing up and settled in. Photo: Brandon Lesky

After a few days she began to show a bit of confidence and with plenty of emotional warmth she has flowered into a beautiful calico with a gorgeous coat. She is quite shy but she likes to purr a lot. Brandon describes her as lazy. Perhaps she is still getting used to the environment and taking it step-by-step. This would make her a bit timid. It also seems that she is now an indoor cat and with Brandon working she might have periods of time on her own during which she will sleep.

Momo has a life, a decent life with warmth, security and love. It worked out for her. I hope his mother and sibling are okay too.

Source: The Dodo.

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