Bought a Savannah Cat and Got a Bengal Cat

I and my husband put off buying a savannah for years. As we settled we started researching for a savannah cat. We came across a breeder that sold us an f2 1/2.

We paid dear money for it and it’s frustrating to find out it is a Bengal cat of very low generation with feline herpes.

We can no longer bring another cat into our lives because feline herpes is contagious.

We’ve confronted the breeder and she’s never heard of it.

Please buy from reputable breeder and make sure you visit their home. The lady I bought my cat make me meet her at a store.


Hi… thanks for visiting and sharing an important point.

There is no such cat as a 2.5 Savannah cat. F2 means second filial or two generations from the wild cat (a serval in the case of the Savannah cat and a leopard cat in the case of the Bengal cat).

The breeder may have been referring to the fact that the cat is not purebred. If you have no certificates or paperwork to show that the cat is purebred you have not got a Bengal cat but a Bengal cat mix. Sorry if that upsets you.

On the face of it you have been conned. You have the right to sue for breach of contract. If you are certain that you contracted for an F2 Savannah cat and got a Bengal cat mix you have the right to get all your money back and to return the cat or keep the cat and get compensation which would be about 90% of the cost of the cat because purebred mix cats are in effect moggies (random bred cats) and are worth about $30 or some such figure.

Good luck. By the way feline herpes is a virus but it can be cleared up by the cat’s immune system and there is a vaccination for it. It is very common in breeding catteries and in the general cat population.

A food supplement called L-lysine is thought to help control the disease.


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Bought a Savannah Cat and Got a Bengal Cat

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Sep 24, 2011 bengal vs savannah
by: jo singer

While I heartily agree that there are thousands and thousands of kitties begging to be adopted. On the other hand there are people that prefer a purebred feline and I feel strongly also that those folks need not to be frowned upon. There are breed qualities that some folks want and even though certain breeds are described with certain personality traits no one can promise those will be carried to the line with the personality one is hoping for. There are genetics and environmental factors that factor in.

There are pure-bred rescues that often have breeds that we want that need homes also.

I have two orientals that I virtually adopted that were special needs or did not fit into the “accepted” color class and they are wonderful. They both have herpes and one has not “flared” since he came to live with us. Michael is right. L-LysineN available at any health food store, 500 mg a day keeps their immune system working well and avoiding stress. Good food and regular vet attention as wEll. I wouldn’t worry about Herpes but never let a vet administer steroids unless it is a dire emergency and the benefit outweighs the risks!

Sounds like you have a pretty kitty. Perhaps it waS no accident that she found you. Just love her! In my humble opinion, that is!

Sep 24, 2011 Cats dying for lack of homes
by: OJ

Well now why buy what you thought a special breed of cat when there are thousands of beautiful cats in Shelters being killed daily for lack of homes.

For every person who throws dollars at breeders for a special cat, another cat dies that you could have given a home to and your donation for that cat could have helped to feed the rest of the unwanted cats in the Shelter.

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