Bournemouth vet struck off over ‘prolonged neglect’ of two pet dogs – BBC News

Badly neglected dogs
Badly neglected dogs
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A Bournemouth vet is struck off for the “chronic and prolonged neglect” of her two pet dogs.

Source: Bournemouth vet struck off over ‘prolonged neglect’ of two pet dogs – BBC News

Are all vets concerned about animal welfare? Crazy question? No. Vets are the general public. Most veterinarians will be sensitive to animal welfare. They have to be, to be a good vet but not all vets are good because some vets don’t give a damn about animal welfare (in their heart). They may give the impression they do but they don’t and this vet is a classic example.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has struck off a vet who neglected her dogs chronically to the point where their health was seriously compromised – their coats were matted and covered with urine and feces. While she was doing this to her dogs she was smiling to clients. Horrible. Get rid of her.

Her name is Kerstin Vockert. She is 56-years-of-age. Her dogs where a cocker spaniel named Millie and a shih tzu called Happy. Not so happy, I suspect, being looked after by Kerstin.

The RCVS said she should never practice as a vet again. It’s over for her. Thank God.

The RSPCA inspectors visited in September 2014 and when they returned the following day Kerstin Vockert had euthanised one of her dogs – Millie. What does that say?! Guilt all over it.

Happy had to have an eye removed and is blind in the other eye. He has been rehomed.

The RSPCA say that the vet consciously decided not to groom her dogs because they did not like it! Sigh. A completely misconceived approach. How could she have been a vet? Perhaps she was lying. Perhaps the reason why she did not groom her dogs because she did not care; as simple as that.

This attitude must have colored her decision making as a vet. The RSPCA said that her attitude and behavior presented a potential risk to animal welfare. The opposite to what veterinarians should be doing.

How many vets have inappropriate attitudes to animal welfare? The answer should be: a small percentage. But that’s wrong. 99% of vets in the USA declaw for non-therapeutic reasons. That means all of these vets have an incorrect attitude to animal welfare.

2 thoughts on “Bournemouth vet struck off over ‘prolonged neglect’ of two pet dogs – BBC News”

  1. Gee if you don’t like grooming your dog hire someone or select a breed that doesn’t need extensive or professional grooming to maintain.

  2. I, completely, understand that the dogs didn’t like being groomed.

    But, as pet guardians, we have a responsibility to do what is best whether they like it or not.

    My AIDS kitty hates for me to give her medicines; but, it has to be done, even by force if necessary. I love her and want her with me as long as possible, even though she may not understand that.

    The only exception that I ever made was allowing my 17 year old dog to keep long claws. He was so moody at that age that he would have had to undergo risky anesthesia. He was deemed too old to survive that.
    So, I let him be.


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