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Bovine TB in Cats – a Zoonotic Disease — 9 Comments

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  2. Another excuse cat haters are using to try to turn people against cats, how low those scaremongers stoop!
    Those ‘experts’ would have us all scared to breathe in case we inhaled a germ, life is for living with all its risks and for all the ‘dangers’ we are warned about, many of us live to old age.
    How are children supposed to develop an immune system if animals are looked upon with suspicion?
    I hope this latest rubbish doesn’t cause more cats to be dumped by the idiots who believe anything they are told.

  3. I’ve sent some sharp remarks to news articles on such sites as yahoo and newspaper blogs, particularly in response to the junk science from the Smithsonian and cat predation. The figures they gave would have meant that all the bird population of the USA had been wiped out years ago. Seems that to work for the Smithsonian and other prestigious centres of learning the main qualification is an IQ of 70 and the mathematical ability of a child of 3. Not much better at UC Davis where the top researchers expect us to fall for their story that a mishmash of American and European breeds is the genuine Turkish Angora whereas cats from Ankara and other Turkish cities are Cyprus moggies. These are all politically correct pawns who don’t need to get anything right. Just to follow what the commissar dictates. We cannot rest with all of this dangerous nonsense going on . We have to fight back everyday.

  4. Thank you, Harvey, for putting it into perspective. Have you posted elsewhere on this absurd media frenzy?

    [Michael, what happened to the font for date/time stamp? It’s difficult to read now. Is it me]

  5. Everybody and everything is exposed to countless billions of germs and bacteria every day. It is part of normal life. This new scare is an indication of ignorance and hysteria. These anti-cat fanatics perhaps would be happy to have rats, mice, and cockroaches crawling all over their house, their food, toothbrush, kitchen utensils, etc. They would soon see where the real dangers come from. Cats keep down real sources of health risks. Low level exposure to pathogens keeps out immune system working, otherwise we would be devastated by sudden contact with high levels of otherwise harmless germs. Vaccinations are simply refinement nature’s way. Have these freaks any evidence of anyone becoming TB positive from a cat, or badger for that matter? The main source was un pasteurized milk but nobody called for any culling of cattle en masse.

    • Totally agree. There is no evidence that a cat has transmitted bovine TB to a person as far as I am aware. It is media madness really and the cat seems to be a victim. I dislike it intensely.

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