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Bowmanville Zoo (a private zoo) in Ontario plans to DECLAW their lion cubs — 39 Comments

    • Hi Sarah. That sounds typical and awful. I wonder how many servals as pets have kept their claws? Not many, I am sure. The serval is too strong and the claws too big to be a ‘pet’. Yet some people insist on owning one as a domestic cat. I don’t like it.


    • Thanks for commenting. Personally I dislike zoos and all they stand for so when this zoo decided to declaw lion cubs I was outraged. I believe they have decided to not do it because of public pressure.

  2. Appalling as always.
    Doesn’t Canada hitch a ride on the UK at times?
    Maybe so, maybe not. Haven’t kept up. But, I think that Canada and NZ broke aaway because Britain couldn’t support them, economically, as colonies any longer.
    But, Canada is deplorable in the way they treat animals, and I wish there was more focus on those irritants.

    • Doesn’t Canada hitch a ride on the UK at times?

      Nice point. They could have but they don’t. The Brits see Canada as nearer American than the UK or France. A lot nearer. Well, I do anyway.

      • Odd, because I don’t think Americans see Canada as anything other than an extension of Britain, but with an added french flair.

        • Actually I thought it was AMERICANS that had BRITISH ancestors HAHAHAHAHHA

          Canadians are just multi cultural, but they love to copy AMERICANS but they can’t.

          BRITISHERS are KINGS.
          Well I don’t mean to please Michael here and Michael please don’t smile at me with this look πŸ˜‰

          Agreed with Michael <3 French people! I love French people because of my early catholic schooling and because I saw their culture very deep, they care for the animals, well as I know in the 70's πŸ™‚

          • LOL. It has surprised me that Canadians declaw cats. It must be because of the close association with America. As you say copying America. What a thing to copy though! Why copy something so obnoxious as declawing cats?

      • I see Canadians as akin to Americans too.
        I feel for all the people in both countries who hate declawing, but thankfully the anti declaw movement is growing in Canada now too, there are some real cat lovers there.
        I think if America stopped declawing, Canada would soon follow.

        • HAHAHAHA So it means that in a way or two, I am in the right direction means that they follow AMERICA. HAHAHHAHA actually my real brother is the national of CANADA and he hates me because I love cats HAHAHAHA <3

        • Ruth, today I have found one vet here in my near market, I went to the market to pay my internet bill, I saw a brand new shop in the basement. Pets n Vets. I first step in to that shop and in my deep happiness I found my childhood friend there as a VET. Yeah, In this way Allah helps those who really are concerned with the welfare of Humanity and animals. And Ruth I am sharing with you this NEWS first, I am so protected and feeling happy today. Thanks God, I found a way now for my babies. LAILA is the first LUCKY feral kitten to have the initial core shots next week. Anti rabbies.

          Yupppeeeeeeeee ….. Yeeeaaaahhhh <3 <3 <3

          • One more thing that he is ANTI-DE_CLAWING VET
            He is not interesting to generate the profits but to love and help cats. This is my friend and all friends I have are the same in track <3 <3 <3

          • Such wonderful news, I am so pleased for you Ahsan. This couldn’t be better, an old friend and anti declaw too, I’m sure he will help you by taking care of the health of the cats you rescue and you will be able to have them neutered too and stop more from being born to die.
            This has made my day so very happy! You deserve all the help you can get x

            • Thank you Ruth and Barbara, I will insha Allah post every activity regarding vet now on PoC, this day was the happiest day for me regarding my babies. and I have to share it first to you Ruth as we are somehow on the same directions and therefore I also share it here and first on your facebook <3

              Thanks GOD I am so relaxed now πŸ™‚

  3. The cowards are deleting all the comments on their pages telling them how cruel declawing is! They know full well they are in the wrong. Some Canadians are planning to protest at the zoo, good for them!

  4. How awful that while the Paw Project is working to save and repair the paws of cats large and small declawing is still going on and cats are still being robbed of healthy toe, it’s tragic that these poor creatures, kept in a zoo should be further abused by being deliberately crippled to protect people who want to stand and gawp at them, it sickens me.

    • They must know by now that it is no good and immoral to declaw a cat. There is so much on the internet about it and The Paw Project are well publicised and yet they still want to amputate the toes of lion cubs. It is shocking. Nothing less.

  5. Have shared cant believe a Zoo is willing to do that!!! Is that in Canada? I posted on their site. I just think its Cruel Inhumane. Very much disappointed in this. There would be an Outrage, if here in New Zealand at Orana Park in Christchurch in South Island,if they did that. Thank Goodness they dont. Worse still they are doing it to babies. As that’s what Cubs are its not Wonder there are attacks on Humans at Zoos when they do that to People. The amount of things that are happening to Wild Animals and Domestic is really disgusting World Wide.

  6. Thank you for writing this article Michael, please everyone share it far and wide by email, twitter and facebook, we MUST stop this cruelty!

  7. You can leave a review on Yelp. I just did one. Give them 0 stars or a 1 star rating. If a lot of people did that it might force change. You’ll have to force them.

    Someone as callous as this person will have to be forced to change.

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