Box of kittens fell off pickup onto road

Kitten rescued from road
Kitten rescued from road after he/she fell off the back of a pickup with other kittens and a cat in a cardbord box.
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A box (cardboard?) containing a cat and kittens (mom and kittens?) fell off a pickup when the vehicle went over a bump. I guess it was a big bump and vehicle was going fairly fast. And what was happening? Was this a case of a female cat who had kittens because she was not spayed and the ‘owners’ decided to abandon them? We don’t know but it is unusual to drive around with a cat and kittens in a cardboard box. Being of a suspicious mind – as I am – it does not look good to me.

Well, all the cats died on the road bar one. It makes me sad to think of it. It is all very tragic and unecessary. The folly of humankind. One wrong following another. One act of carelessness (allowing the cat to have kittens) preceding another (placing the cats in a box and failing to ensure the box was properly secured in the pickup before driving off). Yes, I know I am being judgememtal but I think you have to be when you read these stories.

A ‘good samaritan’ saved the kitten. The vehicle was travelling along the I-75 near Rossford, USA.


The video says it all. However, please expect this video to eventually disappear because I have no control over its existence. It is ’embedded’ into this webpage using code and the orginal is on the website.

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