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Boxes and Small Spaces are Kitty Magnets: Why the Attraction? — 9 Comments

  1. In my house the smaller the box the better. Have you ever seen a 15 pound cat try to squeeze into a shoe. Quite a sight but the manage to do it. I also believe with small boxes not only is it good for body heat, it also gives the sense that they can’t be reached from the space around them.

  2. Cats also like boxes because they offer security and protection from ambush attack.

    The security of a box allows cats to survey their environment from a safe viewpoint. Perhaps that may have helped the cats in the shelter familiarise themselves with their new surroundings until they felt confident enough to venture out from their secure den?

    • Agreed, Michele. It’s a lot about safety and security.

      In my rescue group, when a mum and kits are taken in to foster, their very first home inside will be a big box on its side and a towel draped half way over the opening. Both mums and kits adjust much better to their new environment because it feels safe; yet, they have the freedom to venture out when they’re ready.

      I’m always on the lookout for good boxes and keep 4 or 5 in my 3rd bedroom at all times.

      • Boxes are the saviours of cat lovers everywhere 😉

        Until I was able to find high-sides litter trays, I used to stand them inside cardboard boxes to prevent litter being kicked all over the floor.

        You can even recycle old boxes by making them into a scratching block.

        • Love it! I still have some litter boxes that I put inside cardboard boxes while I’m washing out the high sided ones for just the reason you stated.

  3. 1. I hope those mean people gave the other 9 cats boxes after they finished their stupid experiment. *EVERYONE likes and needs shelter, especially in a strange, hostile environment!*
    2. Actually, not all cats like it hot. My cats prefer the same kind of weather I do — in the 60’s and 70’s, maybe in the 80s, but not hotter than that.

  4. Nice article, Jo! Samirah has her kitty condo made out of seven heavy duty computer boxes. The condo has become her safe space, second only to her spot underneath my bed. She finds refuge there when she’s frightened or just feeling unsure of her surroundings. Sometimes she dives behind the condo when I come back from a grocery run or the laundry room, as if she’s unsure it’s me. She’ll peep out from behind the condo and the look on her face is clearly, “Oh, it’s you!” She’ll meow at me and then come out.

    I padded the bottoms with several of those cheap thin fleece blankets. It amazes how Samirah will rearrange them to suit her. I’ve seen her push the blanket in the bottom level up against the doorway, as if she wants more privacy. She’ll push at the blankets with her paws, bunch them up into a pillow underneath her head. She does this whichever direction suits her. Her favorite spot for tv watching is on the second level, facing the tv, with her head propped up comfortably on the blanket as she lounges on her side.

  5. Here is another situation where my cat is outside the norm. I’ve put out boxes at various times, as a new potential toy. But she shows little interest in any of them, even if I put a small toy inside. I have often wondered about this.

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