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Boy Cat That Likes To Bark — 2 Comments

  1. Hello there this is the Original author of this article. Dakota passed away after a freak accident today on the 24-02-13 at 14.30pm. My partner Sarah and i were by his side and he didn’t suffer. He’s left a legacy that others can only hope for Feline or Human. All out there- love your precipus bundles of joy as much as you can for the most of your time you can, you dont know when it can be taken away. I’m the most grateful person in the world that he chose me to spend his life with and will continue to cherish his beautiful unique memory. God Bless Dakota McMahon 24-02-13. Sleep well Gorgeous. Your Steve and Sarah. Xxxxxx

  2. Hey!
    Me and Steven have recently got together and I tell you, Dakota’s human! He’s not a happy chappy at the minute though, not now we’ve got a new kitten!

    Hopefully Dakota & Riley will live happily ever after!


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