Boy lost his dog so he visited a neighbor’s one-eyed cat daily (video)

Boy visits neighbors cat daily

Boy visits neighbor’s cat regularly after the death of his family’s dog.

This nice kid is caught on a security camera stopping by a neighbor’s home on his bike to visit a one-eyed cat who comes out as soon as he sees the bike stop off at his home. It is one of those nice routines which cats are very good at. Ace rolls over about five paces away from the boy who has sat down on the driveway. They boy was encouraging Ace to come over but he can see that it is his turn to go to Ace which he does very willingly. I am not sure if this is accurate but we are told on that the boy is Josh and that he lost his dog sometime before so he was in need of animal companionship which he found in his neighbor’s cat. His family adopted a dog when they saw the video.

Well, it is nice to see a wholesomely good relationship between boy and cat rather than what we are normally fed by the news media: a boy hurting a cat and posting the activity on Facebook. I feel that the boy was self-treating himself for the grief he felt on the loss of his family’s dog. Very wise and I guess instinctive.


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