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Boy Snatched by Leopard and Dragged For 30 Meters — 3 Comments

  1. The second you bring up the idea that humans do not have the right to overpopulate you incite a riot and open yourself to personal attacks.
    The planet can provide X amount of resources. At some point even renewable resources deplete beyond recovery. The territories of the leopard do no correspond to artificial boundaries put on parks and protected land. It’s not a surprise this child was attacked. Just amazed it’s not happening more often.
    One documentary on this subject listed stray dogs as being a big incentive for these predators to invade human spaces.

  2. Well, the boy wasn’t too badly hurt at least; bitten just enough to drag; no tears or broken bones. He wasn’t killed first. Whatever that all means. And the boy looks like he’s almost over it. I’m with Michael, that it’s our doing that’s bring us into conflict with the animals. We need to curb our populations and stop decimating wild habitat.

    • Thanks Albert. I feel convinced that we are the authors of our own wildlife problems. You can often trace them back to the human. We like pass the buck though onto the animal and I’d surprised if this leopard was not tracked and killed if that is practical.

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