Boy sneaked up on family cat on porch, befriended and stole him (video)

Summary: A teenage boy who has yet to learn the difference between right and wrong is caught by a security camera stealing (abducting) someone’s family cat, Jack, from the front porch of their home. Jack is still missing at the time of this post.

Vancouver, WA, USA: A home security camera recorded a couple of teenage boys, one on a bike and the other on foot, approach a house. The family cat, Jack, is on the porch. One of the boys, with dark hair, surreptitiously approaches Jack who is a friendly cat.

The boy approaches stealthily. He knows how to befriend a strange cat. He slowly climbs the stairs to the porch where Jack is waiting unaware that this boy is horrible. His behaviour is wicked in my opinion. His intention is clear from the outset: to steal someone else’s cat. He gently pets Jack with one goal; to make him feel secure enough so that he can carry him away.

Boy steals (abducts) Jack, a family's cat. Screenshot
Boy steals (abducts) Jack, a family’s cat. Screenshot
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You see him calmly walking away from the house with Jack in his arms. Jack really is a lovely cat as he accepts all this but now he is missing. His human guardians are bereft. The boys have been identified

It is called an abduction but I’d call it theft. This is a crime but the police don’t think so (no charge – just a report). The boys say they released Jack but he’s gone. That’s suspicious in my opinion. I’d ask whether they have harmed Jack.

If they released him, as they state, not far from his home he’d return. Have the police asked the boys where exactly they released Jack? Look, this boy is a thief. He has yet to learn right from wrong and he may well lie about what happened to Jack.

There is a search out for Jack and an animal advocate who runs I Paw’d It Forward is assisting (see Facebook page). I am told that they are in charge of the search. There is a petition on the petition site.

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