Boy with cleft palate and odd-eyes adopted a cat with the same two conditions

“Moon [his cat] helps Madden realize that being born unique is an incredible thing; that he is magic.”


“Funny how a pet can make you feel less alone.”

The two quotes are by the boy’s mother, Christina.

Madden and Moon his cat companion
Madden and Moon his cat companion. Photo: Christina Humphreys (believed)
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Wow, this awesome. Madden Humphreys, 7, was born with a cleft palate and odd-eyes which is called complete heterochromia iridum. You see it in a lot with white cats. Talking about cats, Madden’s mom, Christina, found a rescue cat with a white coat and what I call a Van-type pattern who has the exact same two conditions as her son. The cat’s name is Moon.

The photo is amazing. They are made for each other. Sadly Madden is bullied for his appearance. That’s horrible. I think his odd-eye colour is great. It is very rare (1% of the population).

On his mother’s encouragement Madden made a video to explain his conditions and in which he asked people to be understanding. It was very successful (220k views).

Christina wanted to do more for her son. She heard about a kitten with a cleft palate and odd-eyes that was ready for adoption and she grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

The family travelled by road from Oklahoma to Minnesota to pick up the kitten over the weekend. They did it spontaneously because they felt strongly that this was the right thing to do for their son. It’s about a 2,000 mile round trip. That’s an awesome commitment to help their son. Christina is a great mother; very supportive and thoughtful. And Madden is a great boy and now he has a wonderful feline companion.

Madden looks great and he is a very rare individual who should be very proud of himself and his wonderful relationship.

P.S. I am not sure when this story was first published but I do know that it is not hot-of-the-press news but it is news nonetheless. I sourced it from Fox News.

P.P.S. In cats odd-eye color is caused by the white spotting gene or dominant white gene which gives the cat a near white coat or totally white coat. It affects the pigment in one eye as well. It removes pigment which leaves the eye blue. Blue eyes are blue because of the refraction of light not pigmentation. White cats are often deaf as well which is also caused by the same genes.

Sectoral heterochromia in cats

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