Boyfriend pretends to be voice of family cat in order to insult partner and cat

A female member of the website has poured her heart out online over her boyfriend’s behaviour which has been described a psychotic and psychologically abusive by other reddit users. She posted her story under ‘AITA for telling my partner to stop impersonating our cat?’. AITA stands for “Am I The Asshole?”. She asks fellow Reddit users if she is in the wrong. They defend her and criticise her boyfriend. Unquestionably their advice is correct and frankly obvious although we don’t know the details of their relationship. She admits that she is not perfect.

It was almost as if Tiger was a ventriloquist's dummy cat is the way the boyfriend treated him.
It was almost as if Tiger was a ventriloquist’s dummy cat in the way the boyfriend treated or regarded him.
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The woman whose Reddit username is helpfulcat111 posted 5 days ago that she had started to cohabit with her boyfriend about five months after they started dating. Her boyfriend said that he was an animal lover. They adopted a pet cat, Tiger last year. They have been in a relationship for about four years.

Soon after living together she realised that her partner did not like Tiger as much as she did. And bizarrely he started to be the voice of Tiger and in so doing made rude and insulting remarks. The things he said also belittled Tiger.

For instance in a high pitched and gruff voice he’d day things such as:

“F**k you mom!” – while she was petting Tiger.

“Suck my little cat dick”

“I’ll shit on your face.”

“Where’s my f**king dinner you (Nwords)?” – he used the N word and neither are black.

It was almost as if he was playing the ventriloquist and the dummy was the cat.

It got worse and worse and it made her cry. It became intolerable to her because despite her protestations he persisted. He said that he ‘cannot detach the persona he has given our cat from our actual cat and has grown to resent Tiger’.

She ‘lost it’ and opened up and told him that he had t stop and that Tiger is a sweet cat. He broke down in tear saying that she cared more for Tiger than for him. He said that it’s just his sense of humour. She had cut ties with her friends.

Well, this is an incredibly involved story and hard to followed but as I understand it (and I will update this page – see some verbatim recent updates from the lady below) she left him and took Tiger with her.

Sometime later she had an accident and asked her estranged boyfriend to look after Tiger! He did so at a charge of $300!.

As far as I know Tiger is currently being cared for by a foster carer (see below).

Comment: the strange aspect of this case if the bizarre way the man insulted both the cat and the woman by pretending to be the voice of the cat. It says a lot about the man’s attitude towards cats and his girlfriend. He is certainly no friend of domestic cats and it is hard to see how he can claim to be an animal lover.


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