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Boyfriend swaps his girlfriend’s cat for a better one and she didn’t notice — 6 Comments

  1. OMG if this was my boyfriend/husband I’d kick the living crap out of him, good bye Felicia. What a horrible thing to do and a crime since our society sees pets as property. I have several black cats but 2 of them are nearly twins. I’ve had them a year and still get them mixed up, even though one is a little bigger. I give him jerk of the century award. I hope she finds out.

      • But Mike it was one of “those” cats that just wasn’t into people and she let it be it’s self. Some people like cats that don’t bond to them, you know what I mean? I have several like that. Don’t pet me, don’t hug me just feed me and leave me alone, lol. That’s probably what her stolen cat was like. I’ve had Itty Bitty for 4 years I rescued her and her feral momma when she was 8 weeks old and she has never sat in my lap or purred for me and if I try to pick her up she scratches me. So I let her be. Some are just like that and her owner accepted her as she was. 🙂

        • The boy friend was screwing with the cat and that’s why it scratched him. Being a man he thought he could make the cat obey him, lol. So he got rid of the cat because he couldn’t live with a cat he couldn’t control…

          • Maybe, if I was young and felt my only obligation to the persnickety problem child cat was feeding it. Like I said I have 2 black cats I have a problem which is which. Only when they are side by side do I know who’s who cuz one is a little bigger. She had no attachment to the cat.

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