Boys who stole Vancouver cat may face charges. And this may not be their first cat abduction.

This article goes into a bit more detail on the one posted by Michael pertaining to the boys who sneaked up on a family cat named Jack and stole him from a Vancouver, Washington neighborhood on June 5.

stolen cat
Jack hasn’t been seen since he was stolen (Facebook)
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A lot of people are upset, not only because the theft was caught on video of the cat being stolen (and remains missing) but because there’s the possibility this may not be the first time these same boys have attempted to abduct a cat in the same area.

Police have already talked to a 14-year-old they believe took Jack and they say he may face charges of trespassing and theft. Then there’s always the chance of a civil suit.

This may not be the first time the boys have stolen a cat

I Paw’d It Forward posted an update on their Facebook community page Wednesday

march incident
2 boys seen back in March using same method (Facebook)

“I would like to address the elephant in the room that keeps getting brought up related to the kids that stole Jack.

Yes, we are aware of a similar incidence happening in March, and the homeowner at the time had video. She also took snapshots of the kids. 2 boys, on bikes, rolled up to her home not once but twice trying to steal the cat from her yard.

Both times she came out the door to ask what they were doing and they took off. Both times, one boy stayed on the bike, the other kept riding in circles in front of the home.

This homeowner does not live far from Jack’s parents at all.

The homeowner believes it is the same two kids based on the video footage she saw provided by Jack’s owners. She saw the boys live, and went out after them.

At the time, she posted to NextDoor (she is near my neighborhood so I saw it) and proceeded to be accosted by several neighbors because well, “kids will be kids” and “be glad they are outside doing something” and it moved on.

In light of this, and it having happened the exact same way, bikes and boys trying to steal cats, we do feel concerned that Jack is most definitely not their first cat theft.

We still have not heard back from the police and will be moving forward to the DA’s office with this info and the new leads we have received.

We do not know for certain “BASED ON THESE PHOTOS” that they are the same boys. What we do know is, it was the same pattern.”

Washington State legislature is very clear about the state law and pet theft

RCW 9.08.070 (click here)

Pet animals—Taking, concealing, injuring, killing, etc.—Penalty.

(1) Any person who, with intent to deprive or defraud the owner thereof, does any of the following shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor punishable according to chapter 9A.20 RCW and, for adult offenders, a mandatory fine of not less than five hundred dollars per pet animal shall be imposed, except as provided by subsection (2) of this section:
(a) Takes, leads away, confines, secretes or converts any pet animal, except in cases in which the value of the pet animal exceeds seven hundred fifty dollars;
(b) Conceals the identity of any pet animal or its owner by obscuring, altering, or removing from the pet animal any collar, tag, license, tattoo, or other identifying device or mark;
(c) Willfully or recklessly kills or injures any pet animal, unless excused by law.
(2) Nothing in this section shall prohibit a person from also being convicted of separate offenses under RCW 9A.56.0309A.56.040, or 9A.56.050for theft, under RCW 9A.56.1509A.56.160, or 9A.56.170 for possession of stolen property, or under chapter 16.52 RCW for animal cruelty.
Nothing is said in the above about whether minors can be charged or whether the parents can be held accountable.

There are cruel children everywhere, although many turn a blind eye to it

I’ve learned from my writing that there are cruel children everywhere. People who are defending the boys who stole Jack can keep on wearing their “rose-colored glasses” instead of facing the fact our world has changed and not for the better.

Children abuse animals. That’s a fact. What’s also a fact is very few face any real punishment. Let’s talk to the parents of the stolen cat. Perhaps the district attorney or the police can put a bit of fear into them to get the boys to tell where Jack was taken.

If the parents can be held accountable, there’s a mandatory fine of not less than $500. That doesn’t mean the parents can plea it down or do anything to get out of being held accountable for the actions of their children. Unless a judge does what judges typically do and drop the case entirely.

I’ve written many articles where I report on abused cats, bunnies, and dogs. Setting fire to cats is a ‘biggy’ cruel children like to do. Now with animal abuse being shared on social media platforms (a good way to get them caught, as well) kids are always on the lookout to post something to get attention from their peers.

I Paw’d It Forward is working hard to find Jack

cat thief who took Jack
Cat thief who abducted Jack (Facebook)

The rescue isn’t providing personal information about the two boys. They’re working to arrange a meeting with the district attorney to discuss the case. A reward is being offered for Jack’s safe return. No one has had even one sighting of Jack since he was stolen.

I Paw’s It Forward says if you do contact any county officials to please not make matters worse. Ask them to look into the case further. Flooding the district attorney’s office with phone calls demanding help isn’t going to find Jack any faster.

A petition has already gained over 11,000 signatures asking the Washington State Legislature to make pet theft a felony.

Personally, I’d be very surprised to learn Jack is still alive. Male cats have a wide radius around their home if they’re outdoors any length of time and two blocks should have been easy for him to find his way back. If Jack is dead, I don’t believe his body would have been taken far. The boys wouldn’t want to be seen with a dead cat. He’d be buried or in a dumpster somewhere close.

A good many cat advocates are keeping up with Jack’s abduction. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jack’s family.

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