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Brains Of Bored Cats May Shrink — 1 Comment

  1. My indoors cats are not 100% indoors except for a few who refuse to go outside. They enjoy squabbling with each other and then cuddling up. Never a dull moment.as they prefer to compete over a plate of food when there are several other full plates nearby. Turkanna is currently suckling her own kitten plus 2 from Aysun and a rescued kitten. She is not exactly bored. She has been nursing kittens for over 4 months and still going strong. The other females don’t know what to make of it but Jasmine screeches whenever the white kittens come near her. Aysun’s 2 white kittens are faster than the eye can follow. They get the tidbits and new plates of food before the adult cats have even noticed anything.

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