Branson, Missouri teens booked on animal cruelty charges after dragging cat to death on car bumper

This case of animal cruelty out of Branson isn’t an “alleged” tragedy where someone could be falsely accused. A teen and his friend dragged the family cat to death after tying it to the bumper of an SUV. Then bragged about it on Facebook in a group with over 40,000 members. A video was also posted (it’s been taken down and thankfully I haven’t seen it).

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Sounds of laughter and a voice could be heard saying that ‘this will be funny’ as Williams is shown tying a rope around the neck of the ‘scared’ cat to the bumper of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The statement said the cat was dragged until it “could not run anymore.”

The video was posted on a Facebook group with around 40,000 members. Close to 100 people who saw the video reported the teens to Branson police. Kyle Jesus Williams, 18, was arrested last Sunday and charged with animal cruelty. His friend Jordan Michael Derek Hall, 18, was arrested Tuesday and accused of driving the vehicle that dragged the cat until it was dead.

the victim

The cat, which belonged to Williams, was dragged for nearly five minutes. One person heard in the background of the video was offering encouragement saying “Keep going. Don’t stop. He’s almost dead.”

According to an article posted by Fox4 News, at first group members believed the cat was part of a road kill incident until Williams offered to post the entire video if members of the group would “buy me a pizza.”

Both men are facing a class E felony charge of animal abuse and an unclassified felony charge of armed criminal action. They were booked into Taney County Jail on $15,000 bond. Neither has an attorney at this time. Hall did tell authorities he knew what he did was wrong.

As for Williams, his attitude toward killing his cat is evident in the photo he posted to Facebook (which is admissible in court as evidence)

Facebook post

Williams missed out on his chance to get out of jail June 5 when he was removed from the courtroom due to behavior and being disruptive, an online court docket for Taney County shows. He’s set to appear before the judge again on June 12. Both men are still listed as inmates at Taney County jail. More arrests are possible as the case is still under investigation.

I can hardly wait to hear the comments on this one.


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12 thoughts on “Branson, Missouri teens booked on animal cruelty charges after dragging cat to death on car bumper”

  1. What a couple of total pieces of shit. And it says this was a “family” cat. Wonder how the other family members feel about this person?

  2. Sociopaths. Put them on a chain gang somewhere and let them work out their mental issues doing heavy labor for about 5 years. That’s way, society does get some return on the money that will be needlessly wasted keeping these useless sociopaths alive.

  3. Michael, I agree with every word that you said. These people are on a different planet, in another galaxy, alien to compassion with a total disregard for living beings. This is beyond my comprehension too.

  4. This sort of behaviour is almost beyond my comprehension. I do not know the mentality behind this sort of behaviour. I don’t know where it comes from. They are on a different planet to me. They simply do not have any regard at all for the feelings of animals. They probably have little regard for the feelings of people. They need treatment as much as they need punishing. The parents should be mortified but they probably are not. They are complete failures of people and there are too many of them in the world.


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