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Brave, ripped man dives into frozen lake to rescue floundering cat — 6 Comments

  1. Not only can’t I see the video here, but when I find it elsewhere (
    College Student Rescues Cat That Fell In Frozen Lake) the audio can’t be heard and it messed with my computer somehow so I can’t hear anything. Weird. Glad the cat was rescued. Terrible camera work; VERY annoying.

  2. To me the video is suspect,why would a cat be in the freezing water during the winter and her moving the camera around so dam much I started yelling at my monitor,that woman got on my bloody nerves and I hope the cat returned to it’s home and is warm and safe.

  3. The last thing needed during any rescue is hysterical fuckwits shouting and screaming.

    Maybe the woman was physically unable to jump in and rescue the cat herself?

    No mention of what happened to the poor cat afterwards.

    Plenty of shots of the young man, sultry & semi-clothed, gazing into the lens. A few tiny ice scratches, aww, diddums.

    I hope the poor cat was cared for properly after rescue and his/her people found.

    If I see an animal in distress, reaching for a device to film it never occurs to me. I just get on with helping that being in need.

    • Whenever I see these videos of animal rescues my critical mind asks things like why was the cat in the water in the first place. So even in legit rescues I see human beings diving into insane conditions due to some other humans animal neglect. It’s why my husband is no longer a first responder but works for a private company. Both of us have risked life and limb to save an animal in distress. Mostly I just want to go punch the owners afterwards.

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