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Brawny Italian firefighter rescues tiny crying kitten and cries as well — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah it gets to me too when I see a guy get emotional for a kitten like that. As for the dilemma regarding videos disappearing, you could grab them with a screen capture app or download them with the same or similar app (like KeepVid Pro) then post them yourself on youtube or something. Then they wouldn’t disappear. Most the videos you link are worth keeping.
    Just saying.

    As for guys showing their feelings: there’s a fine line between aww and ewe that women are all to eager to cross, too. Most people think I’m weird or less of a man for liking cats no matter how much I help or care about them. Firefighters are automatic heroes so saving cats always looks good on them. And it’s not like they have a choice. When I go out of my way, spend half my life and income saving these guys and cry over them, people more often think I’m nuts, not a hero. So while I agree real men love cats, people can be hypocritical about it. Sometimes even the cats don’t thank me, so this is a touchy subject with me.

    And as this site has been for some time now, even this comment won’t be acknowledged, no one will comment on it, so I don’t know what’s up with POC either. I’ve never seen a lot of comments on here (to reflect how many people read it) so I wonder if there’s one version for those of us who aren’t favored readers/commenters, and another for everyone else. I’ve only seen a handful of readers comment in as many years. Care to comment Mike or don’t you read these anymore. Doesn’t seem like you read mine anyway, which is why I unsubscribed and this may be my last comment. Whatever.

  2. Thank you, Michael, for all of your wonderful and educational posts. You are much appreciated for the great work you are doing on behalf of our feline friends… and for all animals. All the best, Carol

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