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Brazilian journalist wants to adopt police station cat who interrupted his TV presentation

Journalist befriends cat who interrupted his reporting. Video screenshot.

Brazilian journalist Artur Lira is genuinely fond of cats judging by what happened when he was about to present a report on television outside a police station.

Television reporter makes instant friends with cat who interrupts his work.

As you can see in the Facebook video, the black-and-white cat interrupted his television report. He just laughed off the moment and enjoyed it. The perfect reaction and the best way to deal with it.

“He was cute, you can’t feel angry. I think this cat wanted to be famous.”

In fact the cat interrupted him twice. The second time he popped out out of the back of a pickup truck.

Lira was captivated by the cat’s charming self-introduction. We don’t know the cat’s name but he or she is appears to be a police station cat of sorts as the police feed him and check that he is okay.

I think this was a great reaction by the man. It did him a lot of good too as it was all caught on video. Maybe the television program he works for should have made a television report about Lira’s encounter with the police station cat. It is quite possibly more interesting than the original story whatever it was. And as mentioned in the title, Artur wants to adopt his new friend. I don’t know what the police will have to say about that.

“I watched a thousand times, a thousand times, I joined in his laughter. One of the best parts of the video. 😅😅😅😅” – commenter on Facebook.

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