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Breadcoat British Shorthair

Breadcoat British Shorthair. Photo: Instagram.

He’s called the Elvis, the Toasted Prince! He lives in Bangkok, Thailand. I think that he is one of the most handsome domestic cat that I’ve seen. He has that beautifully stocky square appearance which I like a lot. Of course, British Shorthairs are meant to look like this. They’re meant to have what the cat breeders call “cobby” bodies. They’ve got this chunky appearance and their dense coat goes very nicely with their body shape. Their faces are slightly flat and their cheeks are large and jowly. The overall appearance is very attractive to some people. Other people prefer the slender more svelte appearance of the Oriental Shorthairs. You might perhaps divide up the population into two groups, those who prefer slender cats and those who prefer stocky ones. I have never heard of a “breadcoat” before now! Looks great though.

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