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Breaking News: stampede for the exit at Hamerton Zoo as tiger breaks loose? — 9 Comments

    • Thank you ME. It looks as though there was a breakdown in some systems here because the tiger got into a cage where this lady was. There’s definitely some sort of mistake either in the build quality or maintenance or because somebody left the door unlocked. The lady in question was much loved apparently and she loved the tigers and cheetahs. It is said that she was the heart and soul of the zoo. Ironic that she was the one who was killed. To me it just goes to support once again my feelings that zoos should not exist. They are inherently a failure and when this happens they are even more of a failure.

  1. I stand by my first comment as it’s been played out more than once. IN this case it appears a keeper was killed because a tiger was allowed into the enclosure with her. Where are the fail safes ?

    • Most of the information says the tiger got into the enclosure with her and that another worker,,duh ran in to try and help. She was the one who was screaming a tiger got loose. I’m just waiting for some facts and what is to be done with the tiger. They were reportedly throwing buckets of meat. Did no one have a dart gun ?

      • Just so you know, ME, in this story I was trying to report some breaking news. The idea was to create a sort of news item, somewhat provocative and exaggerated to attract visitors to the site. I reported this about two hours or less after it was first reported on television. When writing articles about cat news speed can sometimes play a part in being picked up by the search engines to Google.

        A worker at the zoo was killed by a tiger after a tiger managed to get into an enclosure where the keeper was at the time. We don’t have any more details.

        • Wasn’t trying to pick on you Michael. These stories irk me. It is always human error.
          First rule of being around a predator. They will kill you. This is on the heels of an argument with someone over Ringling Brothers where they claimed tigers were tame and loved their trainer. And my brain went numb because I can’t process all that stupid.

          • I realise that you weren’t picking on me 😉 — I just wanted to explain why I wrote this article. In fact I wrote it very very quickly in about five minutes to see whether I could beat the newspapers and get noticed by the search engines.

  2. Zoos with open moat style enclosures have underestimated the tigers jumping ability over and over. A captive born tiger may have never challenged it’s enclosure until overstimulated. Much the way a domestic horse will stay behind a 4 foot fence even though the most ungainly of them are perfectly capable of jumping it.

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