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Breeder Banned Because Bengal Cats Where Too Noisy When Mating — 6 Comments

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  2. I’m going to guess the noise was added as icing and this had more to do with the smell complaints.
    I do not understand the order to remove some of the cats unless she violated an ordinance that restricted the number of cats.
    As someone who has spent 25 years dealing with neighbors ( relatives ) and their unending parade of loose vicious dogs who often bark 24/7 we informed them last summer that they were now being recorded with the intent to sue. At some point neighbors can overreach the tolerance line of normal living to the extent that someone says no more.
    Personally I don’t think anyone should be breeding bengals.

    • You could be right about the smell, ME. What about the dogs? You should be able to do something about those. There are some options. You can sue in nuisance which is a tort (a civil wrong). This is the worst option. Or the local authority may be able to assist you. There is a third possibility if your property is freehold. There may be a covenant (unlikely) in the title deeds which prevents excessive noise (this would be hard to enforce anyway). If you are living in a leasehold property then certainly the lease will allow one leaseholder to enforce the terms against against another either directly or via the freeholder (the best option but the property must be leasehold).

      • Michael the dogs were shut up when the threat of actual legal action was put on the table.
        It’s important to understand unless this breeder lives in a hive of maniacs who try to micromanage everyone around them this woman was probably approached numerous times and probably got the same crap we did. It’s my home I’ll do what I want.
        If you want to breed this type of cat she should have realized she did not live where it was appropriate and moved or ceased long before it reached this level. I suspect the real issue is she is lousy inconsiderate neighbor who is now crying foul and accusing someone of being a cat hater when she set the wheels in motion by refusing to cease activities that infringed beyond reason on neighbors. Having sued the vet who killed Kitten I can tell you there is little to NO satisfaction in the act. It puts the burden fully on those complaining to prove they have been wronged.
        There are a plethora of cheap web based cameras on the market at low prices that people living in disarray because of a neighbors unreasonable behavior can use most of them are legal if you live in a one party consent state.
        According to one piece the complaints have been ongoing for 4 years.

    • I don’t understand why they removed the cats either. These are her cats, and they have a home. Even one views cats as property, you cannot take someone else’s property, it’s theft, and Bengals are expensive. The more appropriate way to handle the situation would be an order to either neuter the cats or move, and give some reasonable time e.g. a month or two to do so, and fine her for every week after say one month if she doesn’t correct the situation.

      In general, I don’t think an apartment is an appropriate place for a cattery. If I were a landlord, I’d only allow neutered pets. I’d not want neighbors with spraying cats either, but taking somebody’s cats is an overreach.

  3. Why do they have the authority to “remove” the male cats and kittens over a noise violation, they didn’t bite anyone? And take them where? I am afraid to even guess. This is total overreach. Is it a dictatorship or cat haters there? How about she neuters the male cats and stops breeding? I smell cat haters here. Before they just “removed” my cats they would have to totally knock me out and make me unconscious because I would not just let these bastards do this without me trying to f%%k them up bad. We all know damn well what these bastards did to them for just being cats. And I would make sure every news station within 1000 miles knew. This is horrible.

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