Can you breed a red tabby Persian with a Bicolor Persian and still be CFA Registerable?

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May 23, 2011 Can you breed a brown mackrel tabby female to a blue point himalyan and get CFA registerd?
by: Byrd

Both parents CFA registered. What possible colors would I get? Can’t find a chart for tabbies to be mated with a male blue point? Any help would be appreciated. email

Aug 10, 2009 Breeding Exotic to Persian
by: Sioban

Can you breed a CFA Reg. Persian to a CFA Reg. Exotic? If so what would the kittens be registered as? Would the short coats be considered Exotics? and the long coats Persians? Are they able to be shown? Thank you, Sioban

Jan 04, 2008 Thanks Lorraine Shelton
by: Anonymous

Hi Lorraine

Thanks a lot for such an authoritative and complete answer. I love to have that kind of contribution on this website.


Jan 04, 2008 Breeding… yes!
by: Lorraine Shelton

All the Persian (and Himalayan) colors and divisions may be bred together and registered in CFA. When Exotics are bred with Persians, only the shorthaired offspring may be shown in CFA, the longhaired offspring may be registered and bred to Exotics, but not shown.

The only genetically possible colors from the crossing of various colors/divisions that can not be shown in CFA are chocolate and lilac smokes and silvers (chocolate and lilac smoke *calicos* may be shown, however), smoke/silver pointed Himalayans, and bicolor (with white spotting) Himalayans.

TICA accepts all genetically possible Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic colors for show (including the cinnamon/fawn series) and allows the longhaired offspring of Exotics to be shown as well.

Nov 13, 2007 Answer to registration question
by: Anonymous

“As long as both sire and dam are CFA registered as Persian, their registered colors would not disqualify kittens from being registered.”

This comes from the horses mouth – thanks CFA…

Nov 12, 2007 Crossing Persian Tabby with Persian Bicolor
by: Michael

Question: Can you breed a red tabby Persian with a Bicolor Persian and still be CFA Registerable?

Answer: The answer is YES to the above question. A Bicolor is a either a solid or Tabby color with white. Mating tabby with Bicolor will probably result in a Bicolor with a Tabby pattern.

The end result is still registrable with the CFA. Cats without white are also possible.

Here is a useful link:

Breed CFA – Profile: Persian- Bicolor Division

Hope this helps.

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