Bridgewater, NJ: More than 25 cats rescued from small abandoned apartment

More than 25 cats and kittens were rescued from a small abandoned apartment in Bridgewater, New Jersey on August 18 after a tip was called into Somerset Regional Animal Shelter.

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Newborn kittens and pregnant cats were among those rescued, Somerset Regional Animal Shelter manager Brian Bradshaw reported in an interview with

“We weren’t aware of the situation there; it took a tip from the condominium owner. I don’t know how the neighbors didn’t smell it. They’re in trouble for much bigger things than leaving cats behind.”

Somerset SPCA President Joe Biermann said the tenant will be charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. When rescuers arrived they found the apartment abandoned and the air conditioner turned off. Three cats died, two were found dead in the home and one died soon after being rescued.

Traps were left behind and two more kittens were found when the landlord went in to clean. doesn’t clarify whether they were found alive or dead.

Most of the cats are friendly although several are being treated at the shelter for parasites and upper respiratory infections. Only a few of the cats are in bad shape.

The shelter is currently working on obtaining legal ownership of the cats so they can be put up for adoption as soon as possible. They’re currently being kept in isolation and are being given medical treatment and nourishment.

No names have been released at this time. The investigation is being handled by SPCA officers, Bridgewater Police reported.

Anyone who wishes to donate to help the shelter out can click here and contribute through their website. Call 908-725-0308 or email for more information.

Updates will be posted on Facebook: Somerset Regional Animal Shelter’s community page. Photos courtesy of Somerset Regional Animal Shelter. More photos can be found on

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