Brilliant copper eyes of tabby Exotic Shorthair

I was looking for ‘strange cats’ on Pinterest and came across this tabby Exotic Shorthair with the most extraordinary copper-coloured eyes. If this was not a video I would have decided that this was an example of photo-editing because the colour is hardly believable.

These bright copper eyes can only be the creation of a lot of selective breeding to ensure that the cat matches the CFA breed standard which clearly demand a ‘brilliant copper’ eye colour in the tabby coated Exotic Shorthair. I have never seen such brilliant copper eyes in any cat.

Tabby Exotic Shorthair with brilliant copper eyes
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Tabby Exotic Shorthair with brilliant copper eyes. Screenshot.

Note: the short video above will, one day, stop working. I guarantee it. If it has I apologise but I can’t control this. The still picture will provide you with an alternative although not as good.

The full CFA breed standard for the tabby Exotic Shorthair is:

BROWN TABBY (classic, mackerel, spotted): ground color brilliant coppery brown. Markings dense black. Lips and chin the same shade as the rings around the eyes. Back of leg black from paw to heel. Nose leather: brick red. Paw pads: black or brown. Eye color: brilliant copper.


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