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Britain’s One and Only Cat Pub — 7 Comments

      • I think you’re right. We go in for cafes more here. I have allergies to cats but that’s never stopped me either. I’d go and buy something just to be able to sit there with the cats. Yeah, this might be a mild form of cat hoarding but I’ve seen much much worse.

  1. I would love to visit — someday maybe!! (I’m in the USA). . .but, yes, Michael, it appears to me that the kitties are not *fixed* either. . . I would love to see him spay/neuter and adopt more as the older ones pass on. . . but the *cat cafe* presence is pawsome!! ♥♥♥

    • He must be a cat lover who just let things happen. The cats look very much at home and they add to the pub’s atmosphere. It makes me think there could be more cat pubs. Pubs in Britain are dying out. Perhaps cat pubs will revive them 😉

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