British cat is credited by his family in winning a £1million jackpot from a scratch-off lottery ticket

A very hungry cat living in Mansfield, England is being given the royal treatment after the cat is credited by his family in winning a £1million (approximately $1.2 million) jackpot from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

couple and cat
Couple credits cat with winning £1million (UPI)
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Andrew, 46 and Paula Hancock, 43 run a catering business. They have a 6-year-old beautiful ginger cat named Shortcake. On July 24 Andrew had to run out to a local gas station to pick up some cat food because the couple had forgotten to buy food for Shortcake after ending a 12-hour shift at their business.

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Andrew stopped at the Esso Fuel Station in Ollerton to get a tin of Whiskas for Shortcake. Instead of purchasing the chicken treat for his cat, Andrew bought a £5 Monopoly Millionaire ticket and some gas. He was shocked when he scratched off his ticket to learn he had won the £1million top prize.

During an interview with Andrew described what it felt like winning

“The plan was to fill the car up with fuel and then get the cat food. But while paying for the fuel I bought the scratchcard then sat in the car. Then I realised I’d forgotten the cat food… I thought I’ll scratch this off before going back in. I scratched off the lucky symbol – a duck – and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I looked and looked again and started to get a bit hot when I realised I won. I checked it about seven or eight times.”

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source tnluk Instagram

Shortcake’s food was forgotten for a second time after Andrew became so excited to be holding the winning ticket that he forgot Shortcake’s food-again. Shortcake didn’t stay hungry. His family treated him to a dinner of ham when Andrew returned home.

What a lucky family. And lucky cat! More photos are available here. Additional source here.


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