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British Cat Lover Muslim Jihadist Wants to Behead Christians — 13 Comments

  1. I find this article Very Disturbing. People that have gone to Syria and Iraq of their own free will to fight in those wars, in this country are not allowed back in there Nz Passport will be revoked. Its a very sad world we living in and worse off for the innocent Cats. Who only want a loving home to be in and to not be hurt. That lady sounds like the worse nightmare. I hope they can catch her. Its kinda like its going back to the traditional ways. Very sad 🙁

  2. OH OH you Europeans & Uncle Sam – those punks made this Frankenstein called ISLAM JIHADIS . Now their in wear is put on fire . I ask OH infidel America – What is the real name of ISIS & Al Qaeda . oh oh America – you learned the hard way , Now please stop supporting dirty PAKIS.

    Krey 16 ; 98 -7

  3. HAHAHAHA …. JIHADIST???? HAHAHAHAHA killing christians????? HAHAHAHAHA well! cat lover seems to be some kind of human hater. HAHAHAHA That was so funny that I doubted on be a muslim myself 😀

    JIHAD is a compulsary obligation of every muslim man and woman and its true meaning in a simple sentence is:


    Is there any other meaning which has been described by us so called MUSLIMS of today????

    HAHAHAHA that’s great! My question is do we really enjoy the word BEHEAD???? a CHZRISTIAN ???? who are the most closest of all religions with us???? Oh come on JIHADIST LADY! wake up and read QURAN and sayings of the prophet SAW.

    WELL Syrian war is actually start of the ARMAGEDDON as per the predictions of holy prophet SAW. This war will be imposed on Syria by JEWS lobby (Free mesons) and then different countries will jump into it and then there will be a great bloodshed in between them and at last christians will join with the muslims and they will both win the war.

    Cat lover lady Jihadist! please cat lovers are really sensitive people, they are therefore called cat “LOVER”. Do you not know the meaning of “LOVER”?

    HAHAHAHAHA that was really disappointing sentence with a threat of beheading our brothers and sisters.

    Here in Pakistan, the muslims are not allowed to enter into the church but let me tell you cat lover Jihadist sister! AHSAN UL HAQ is the only muslim who go to church and pray with his christian neighbor.

    hahahaha, well its very strange , I feel sometimes that muslims are becoming over actors and they are unable to promote the welfare of humanity but much eager towards destruction and mismanagement.

    Do you know that to create a bond or something is much harder than destroying something?

    Your single negative step can lead to many misunderstandings about the whole community on planet earth?

    Now see the practical! What western people think about you?

    That was not funny but just garbage 🙁

    Thank you my friend MICHAEL for exposing another truth but a bitter one PHHHhhhyyyaaaaa 🙁

  4. Now I see why WordPress said I was posting to quickly and to slow down, Ruth and I must have both been attempting to reply at the same time LOL

  5. She sounds like a neighbour from Hell to be honest, probably had a house full of neglected cats and the neighbours took it to mean she “loved” them. Well where are the cats now eh? And come to that where are the sons? I think she’s probably easily led, of low intelligence, making herself into something she believes her latest man wants her to be and dangerous through her ignorance.

  6. I can’t believe any true cat lover would want to kill any other living being, be it a person or an animal.
    To take a life is horrific and unthinkable to me.
    I think that all terrorists are frighteningly crazy!

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