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British cat owners do not feel responsible for their cats killing wildlife — 2 Comments

  1. Since we secured our garden to protect our cats, our resident hunter has not caught one bird. We don’t feed birds in the garden either. A few mice have been caught and an occasional frog. I am not going to feign horror/disgust at the natural behaviour of cats. My hunter does miss his avian prey.

    Hunting is a natural behaviour.

    I wonder how much the RSPCA consider the suffering of livestock animals on their “assured” farms or in abattoirs? Do they consider the suffering of wild/domesticated avians kept in hellish isolation in small cages in homes everywhere?

    Collars of any colour & jingly bells do not deter hunting in any way. Collars are dangerous and can cause significant injury or death by strangulation. Jingly bells hurt the cat’s ears as they are high pitched. Hunting cats learn to move deftly to avoid the bells ringing when they hunt. The bells make most of their noise when a cat is going about their normal business.

    I don’t believe that domestic cats have a significant impact on wild life (apart from hybridisation of the Scottish Wild Cat) Ths is the responsibility of humans, not the fault of domestic cats

    I think human arrogance & hypocrisy have a massive, detrimental impact on the well being of every living organism on earth, including themselves

    ….but far easier to blame & persecute the domestic cat isn’t it.

    • Thank you. And my house cats all had bells as tiny babies and they all learned to walk without making a sound. The bird thing is all about cat hate. The feral cat issue is a 100% man made disaster mostly for the innocent felines who are born and die in misery often at the hands of cruelty.

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