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British Government Encourages the Employment of Office Cats — 5 Comments

  1. i hope my country follows Brittans example…though thats unlikely. apparently we r huge on dogs, but cats…not so much. btw, WHY is black a “least favorite color”. its not the whole”bad luck” thing, is it? i happen to love black cats. if there had been a younger black cat when we saw Lex he might have gotten adopted instead…im glad we DID get him though. cant imagine my life without him. theres nothing like ur cat comin up to u with a cheerful “MEOW” that says “pet me!”, on a bad day to brighten ur mood. u know? 🙂

  2. I know about Gladstone & Palmerston, but what Prime Minister is Larry named after? Also are they neutered (if not, perhaps that is why they fight)? BTW, please comment on the common notion that toms are better hunters if they are kept intact. Also would love a post about Battersea Home.

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