Shimmering light grey British Longhair cat

Shimmering light grey British Longhair cat

As you might expect, the British Longhair is pretty much identical to the British Shorthair, except the coat is longer.

You can read more about this beautiful cat breed by clicking the link above the photograph. If you wish.

The British Shortahir is one of the oldest cat breeds being shown at the first cat shows in England. And, of course, the precursor to this purebred cat is the standard British moggy which began its life in England and as I recall in Scotland, now part of the UK, as far back as when the Romans invaded the country.

Scotland might not be part of the UK in the not too distant future, just for the sake of completeness!

Back in the days of the Romans, the British Shorthair (moggy version) was a working cat. They would be better described today as community cats, living both inside and outside the home. A bit like barn cats today, keeping down the rodent population.

I personally think that thid is one of the best looking cat breeds of them all, and there are a maximum of about 104 cat breeds in my opinion.

I am surprised that this breed is not more popular. The blue British Shorter is one of the most popular breeds. But you rarely see mention the British Longhair.

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