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British Princess Says Animals Don’t Have Rights — 12 Comments

  1. I meant “How do those toes taste.” *Sighs* That’s what I get for trying to think so early in the morning. It’s 630AM here.

  2. That princess twit worships money, which is obvious by her qualification that animals don’t pay taxes and have bank accounts. I guess we peasants must all contribute so the rich get richer. And I bet she doesn’t realize that her statement applies to a lot of people who are on the lower end of the economic scale. Yeah, Princess Michael, open wide, insert foot. How do those toes feel?

  3. Her comments about animals not having rights because they don’t pay taxes or have bank accounts, could equally apply to people living on benefits. What about celebrities and global Companies who use tax avoidance schemes? Does she also believe they should not have rights?

  4. Most rights are bestowed and not earned.
    All creatures on this planet that walk, crawl, slither, or hop have the right to be here and treated with respect.
    This princess needs to rethink her stance. By her definition, there are many humans who haven’t “earned” rights such as some elderly, mentally ill/challenged, and the impoverished.

  5. Wow!! Big foot in mouth….spoken from the heart she doesn’t have. Has she ever heard of the concept “they have no voice, so we must be their voice”? How does she feel about children? And, I can guess how she feels about refugees and people held in prisons!!

    • Kit, I guess she feels about refugees and people held in prison the same way; with a certain amount of disdain. She’s above it all. Flying over the masses 😉

  6. She is wrong! By law and because animals are born on this earth ..they have every right to be protected. I feel we are responsible to protect them.

    • Alexe, I couldn’t say it better myself. This princess must contain a large dose of human arrogance to believe what she believes and then to state in public as if it is acceptable.

  7. Given their passion for hunting I really don’t think any member of the Royal family should be taken seriously with regard to their views of Animal rights!

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