British Shorthair Cat Breed

British Shorthair cat breed

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British Shorthair Cat Breed – Enjoy these special Helmi Flick photographs of this popular breed of cat. Here is a very abbreviated synopsis of the CFA breed standard to read when viewing the slide show.

Throughout the standard there is an emphasis on a powerful, rounded well balanced appearance. The standard emphasizes that this breed should have an appearance that conveys a balance between the various elements of the body, head, legs etc.

As we can see the coat is noticeably dense and firm to the touch. All colors and patterns are acceptable except these: chocolate, lavender, Himalayan pattern plus white added to these colors.

You can see the sweet open face and large rounded eyes. The eyes are set side apart and should be level.

Almost every element of the head is described as being rounded. This is clearly is a reinforcement of the stocky compact overall appearance of this cat.

The ears should be medium sized and not detract (my words) from the rounded appearance of the head and face.

The requirement for a compact strong stocky appearance is reinforced by penalties being incurred if the coat is too long or the undercoat is light. If the body is “rangy” penalties are also incurred, for example.

This short article is intended to provide no more than a “feel” for the breed standard requirements. Please read the entire standard if you intend to show your cat.

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