White British Shorthair kitten male from Russia

White British Shorthair kitten male from Russia

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British Shorthair Male as 1133
Born marsh 2021
F: Alen Delon of Golden Leris ns1133.BSH.
M: Iceberry of Golden Esperanza ns2533 BLH.
Nursery Golden Leris. WCF.

This is a Russian-bred British Shorthair kitten. The thing that I noticed immediately, and which may be quite normal, is the way the ears are on the side of the head and they are very small.

Perhaps the ears move towards the top of the head as the kitten grows up to be an adult!

The British Shorthair cat is one of the oldest breeds. Before they became a formal cat breed they were British moggies and as such they were imported into Britain by the Romans around 200 A.D. so they go back a long way.

The Blue British Shorthair is the best known of this cat breed. But you will see them in a very large range of coats, patterns and colours.

They have very dense coats which are very pleasurable to stroke.

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