British Veterinary Association Say Scottish Fold Breeding Should Stop

BBC News: In the news yesterday they presented the argument that the Scottish Fold cat breed should be banned or breeding should be stopped voluntarily.

It is very unusual to be watching mainstream BBC news in the daytime and see a comprehensive item about unethical breeding of dogs and cats which focused on the pug and the Scottish Fold cat.

It is great to see it. It puts more pressure on breeders and the government to do something about it. In general governments are disinterested in creating law to ban cats and dogs bred with inherent health problems. This is a sad reality. It applies moreso today in the UK because of an impending general election and Brexit.

But there has been an increased focus on the detrimental aspects of selective breeding of cats and dogs which emphasises appearance at the expense of health.

The BVA – British Veterinary Association – is the mover and shaker behind the call for a ban on unhealthy cat and dog breeds.

There is a heightened awareness nowadays about the unnecessary breeding of unhealthy cats and dogs. It is time for the legislators to consider banning these breeds if breeders won’t do it voluntarily.

The GCCF (the UK’s primary cat association) don’t accept the Scottish Fold. This is good but it does not stop breeders. A problem is that celebrity cats and celebrities with Scottish Fold cats (Taylor Swift) tend to increase the popularity of this cat breed. These cats have a baby face and nice characters. People ignore the potential health issues.

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