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Brody – Batman Cat — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you Mr ul Haq, I was almost called Zorro or Phantom (From the phantom of the opera which my mammies love) but I’m glad they decided on Jozef as it is a very noble name 😉
    Our Walter came from Walter Street, just fancy having a street named after him! lol

  2. Brody is a very handsome cat and I can see how you could say he is wearing a cowl, especially from the side like that. Perhaps even a cape. The 2nd one is a bit of a stretch and the last one has been photoshopped a bit. I bet the cat looked enough like Batman on his/her own that the digital emphases wasn’t required. My big brother (who is developmentally handicapped) has that Batman figure still in box. He just likes to look at them. The cats would just scare him. Too bad, they always love him.

  3. I think the last 2 cats are more batman like than Brody. But, they all look like bandits.

    So glad that the RSPCa likes Brody, Dana, and maybe even mum Cary. Maybe they will all survive the hour.

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