Broken-hearted kitty had both of her owners die but she was saved from euthanasia

Samara has packed a lot into her relatively short life. The first thing that one notices about her is that she is beautiful. She looks female and is a pretty longhaired brown tabby-and-white.

Samara. Photo: MCR
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Her first owner died in 2016, reports The Dodo. She was left at a busy shelter in Michigan with a very high kill rate. She was destined for euthanasia until the president of Michigan Cat Rescue (MCR), Nancy Hutchinson, stepped in. Nancy goes to this shelter to pull cats from it if and when she can. She noticed Samara and took her to MCR from where she quickly found a new home; not surprising as she is very attractive.

Samara was adopted by a ‘really wonderful lady named Joyce’ – Sasha Oza (executive director of MCR).

Joyce regularly donated to MCR and obviously loved cats. She provided a great home for Samara. Then sadly Joyce passed away unexpectedly. We are told this happened sometime in November 2018 (according to The Dodo article).

The police were involved in Joyce’s death which meant that Samara was picked up by them and placed with Animal Control for them to take her to the high kill rate shelter referred to. This was another dangerous time for Samara.

Once again Hutchinson stepped in and ‘rescued’ her and brought her back to MCR. Samara had become distraught at this time. She was withdrawn and had lost her appetite. She refused to eat for days but the veterinarian said there was nothing wrong with her from a physical health point of view.

Samara. Photo: MCR

Sasha Oza decided to take her home to care for Samara personally. She encouraged her to eat by sitting with her as she ate and petted her. In my experience it does help a cat to eat if you gently pet them while they eating or are about to eat.

Slowly Samara came out of her shell and she is back to full health. She particularly likes to have her belly rubbed. She craves affection and gets it. MCR have done a fantastic job here. They deserve a lot of praise.

The question I have is whether she has been adopted yet. Sasha is or was looking after Samara temporarily. As at 13th December 2018 The Dodo said that Samara was still waiting to be adopted into a permanent home. At the date of this post she may have been adopted but I can’t confirm that from MCR’s Facebook webpage. I am sure a kind-hearted person will tell me at which point I’ll update this part of the page.

Samara deserves the best home and we wish her all the best.

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  1. Oh, this poor baby…she has gone through so much. I really hope a forever home comes fast and her guardians live for a long time with her.


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