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Brooklyn Cat Kicker Was Jailed For Fraud — 8 Comments

  1. I hope that andre guy goes to jail and gets kicked the same way that he kicked king the cat…let andre see how it feels to be kicked !!!!

  2. Agree entirely with Serbella. . .As I have always said — what goes around, comes around — and this is proof that God sees that justice is done. . . Karma, Karma, Karma. . . I’m very happy that King is in a loving, forever home. . . ♥♥♥

    • What kind of karma should come to the person who lets a cat roam free to be ran over by a car, let it eat some rat poison, or get kicked or worse? What’s their karma going to do to them? Nothing? If you say “nothing” then you know “nothing” about karma. They deserve, and will get, far worse than whatever happens to their free roaming cat, this time coming from the negligence of others rather than their own negligence that harmed their own cat.

      • Letting cats roam free can be irresponsible I agree. It might not be. It depends on the area. Deliberately inflicting injury on a cat is a crime and letting a cat outside is not a crime. They are completely different. The fact that you are grouping them together indicates you are thinking illogically. You are probably Woody again, the notorious cat site troll. Anymore stupid comments and you’ll be banned.

  3. Andre is the kind of idiot who carries his rope around with him and hangs himself with it quite frequently. I have faith that he’ll do something else stupid to violate his probation and end up right back in the slammer.

    Good to see that King found a good home.

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